he Rainbow Necklace aims to help young girls

         develop a sense of national identity and pride in their history.

Set in outback Northern Territory, five young Australian girls are brought together by circumstance and unexpectedly embark on an adventure that will change both the past and future.

Based on the characters of the Australian Girl dolls, Matilda, Emily, Amy, Belle and Jasmine very quickly become lifelong friends and will just as quickly become firm favourites with all 7-10 year old Australian readers.

Through following the girls on their fast paced adventure, readers will discover how different life was for children of their age living in 1935.  They will be amazed to learn about how the pedal radio was used to contact the early Flying Doctor and will be inspired by the story of Australian Polio pioneer, Sister Elizabeth Kenny.

Jacqueline Larsen says, “Australia’s history is abundant with inspirational, amazing women and I wanted to find a fun and exciting way for our current Australian girls to learn about them.

“I believe that young girls need role models and can draw a lot of inspiration from women such as Sister Kenny who believed in her convictions enough to defy her critics and help hundreds of desperately sick children suffering with Polio.”

With five contemporary heroes and references to remarkable women from our past, The Rainbow Necklace gives young girls of today the chance to really identify with the book and see themselves reflected in its pages.  If offers readers the chance to celebrate what it means to be an Australian girl - both today and in the past.

One 9 year old reader commented, “I really liked that the girls were Aussies like me.  I loved the adventure they had and all the excitement they had together.”

The Rainbow Necklace, published by Wombat Books, was released on Friday 8 April 2011 and can be brought from any bookstore or online from the publisher or Australian Girl.

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